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The App Search and Discovery Problem…

One of the secrets (there are many) that make for a successful tech company is to find a really hard problem and solve it!

Well there has been quite a bit written lately about the App “Search & Discovery” problems…

So who is going to solve the problem?

  1. A large Search engine like Google or Microsoft?
  2. The mobile OS vendors like Apple iOS, Google Android or Microsoft’s Windows Phone?
  3. A large 3rd party app marketplace such as Amazon or Getjar?
  4. One of the many 3rd party app marketplaces such as:
  5. One of the Pure App Search plays such as:
  6. Or one of the Social App Discovery solutions such as:

None of these solutions seem to be doing the really deep algorithmic work that made Google successful with page ranking (this problem requires the same breakthrough).    The catch 22 is that in order to get the variables necessary to make great algorithms the solution will require access to analytics that are not readily available such as downloads and session data and rich information on the user (such as social influence) and the app developer (such as reputation).

We’ll see who the next Google is for apps… Will it be Google or someone new?   If Vision Mobile is right about Apps being the new Web 3.0 then Google may fall behind… We shall see…


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