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This could be bad for all of us…

If you are in tech you should get to know these bills – Let your member of Congress know what you think here.

The bills that are up for a vote are H.R. 3261 (The Stop Online Piracy Act) and S. 968 (Protect IP Act).

From Huffington Post:   “Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, and eBay have all expressed concerns with the legislation, fearing the implications of having to micromanage user-submitted content in order to avoid liability for copyright infringement. There is also congressional opposition to the bill, with a wide variety of politicians, including Nancy Pelosi, Darrell Issa, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann, having voiced objections to it. Civil liberties and human rights groups, including the ACLU and Reporters Without Borders, have come out against the bill as well.”

From Slate:  “The Senate’s PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House are supposed to address copyright infringement and counterfeiting. In reality, they are so technically impractical that they do little to address these problems. They would, however, undermine participatory democracy and human rights, which is why these bills have garnered near-universal condemnation from both human rights groups and technologists.”

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